I am a graphic designer. 

I am an animal lover.

I am here to enhance your brand.

I am a southern gal.

I am a problem solver.

I am continuously learning.

I am glad you're reading this.

I am Allison Sebastian

Hello! I am a graphic design professional working and living in Nashville, Tennessee since 2011. I received my education from Mississippi State University, earning a BFA in Graphic Design and a BBA in Marketing – all in 5 years. (Yes, that was crazy, but awesome.) Understanding the value of strong branding from a business and creative standpoint has undoubtedly enhanced how I approach my work. I have design experience ranging across a wide variety of industries from technology, healthcare, nonprofit, music, recruiting, market research, and the list goes on. My creative knowledge is versatile and my skill set is ever-expanding. Let's work together soon.